Article-length Publications

7. "Double Review" of On What Matters Volume Three by Derek Parfit and Does Anything Really Matter? Essays on Parfit on Objectivity edited by Peter Singer
Ethics (2018)
[published draft] [penultimate draft]  

Very Short Abstract: Over the course of summarizing Volume Three and Does Anything Really Matter?, I argue that Parfit does not  give us strong reason to think that Naturalists, Expressivists, and Non-Realist Cognitivists agree.

6. "The Sense of Incredibility in Ethics"
Philosophical Studies (2017)
[published draft] [penultimate draft]

Vert Short Abstract: I develop a new Hybrid account of the nature of normative concepts and use it to explain away the Reductivist-unfriendly "just too different" intuition.

5. Conceptual Analysis in Metaethics (Joint work with Stephen Finlay)
Routledge Handbook of Metaethics (2017)
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Very Short Abstract: We critically survey, for a general philosophical audience, various positions on the nature, use, possession, and analysis of normative concepts, while highlighting some underappreciated problems for such positions along the way.

4. Epistemic Modesty in Ethics
Philosophical Studies (2017)
[published draft] [penultimate draft]  

Very Short Abstract: After explaining why we cannot know the true normative ethical theory, I argue, in light of this, that we should rethink the commitments of Reductive Realism.

3. Non-Analytical Naturalism and the Nature of Normative Thought: A Reply to Parfit
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (2015)
[published draft]

Very Short Abstract: I show that Derek Parfit's (2011) argument for the claim that Synthetic Reductivism is either false or incoherent fails.

2. How to Pull a Metaphysical Rabbit out of an End-Relational Semantic Hat
Res Philosophica (2014)
[published draft] [penultimate draft]

Very Short Abstract: I argue that there are several unacknowledged premises that Stephen Finlay (2014) needs to derive Reductivism about the metaphysics of goodness from his semantics for 'good'.

Other Publications

1. Terence Cuneo's Speech and Morality: On the Metaethical Implications of Speaking
Journal of Moral Philosophy (2017)
[published draft] [penultimate draft]

Very Short Abstract: I summarize Cuneo's attempt to derive Non-Reductivism in ethics from the fact that we perform speech acts, and suggest, among other things, that Cuneo's book contains resources for offering a new challenge to expressivists.